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Petition to Governor Jay Inslee, Senator Patty Murray, Senator Maria Cantwell, Jay Inslee, Patty Murray, Maria Cantwell

Reverse financial hardship of personal care professionals

  Please Call below and tell the governor to provide pandemic assistance to lost wages from August 18 to September 18 due to the guideline imposed After months of struggling with unemployment benefits, the fear of not feeding our families and house them through COVID-19, which may outlast this generation, we the Cosmetologists, Barbers, Tattoo, Estheticians, Medical Estheticians, and Permanent Cosmetics Artists of Washington must take a stand for our families and our right to provide and balance this with the continued safety we have been providing to our clients. To the person signing this: We need your SHARES and voices to survive this! We need every licensee in our state, their customers, and those that would help us to support our families and keep our businesses to sign this. Please email using the templates below to copy and paste if you would like, and PLEASE PLEASE take this step! 1.Gov. InsleePh: 360-912-4111Quick email form link: WA Senator Patty Murray contact:Ph: 206-553-5545Quick Email form: 3. WA Senator Maria CantwellPHONE 206-220-6400Quick Email form: >USE THE TEMPLATE BELOW< Thank you for working with the cosmetology board to reverse the guideline September 18th and being open to our concerns. Please implement financial assistance to licensees from August 18 to September 18 whose wages were affected by the guideline that was imposed on them. Thank you for your time.  

Jamie Eberly
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Petition to U.S. House of Representatives, Texas House of Representatives, Dallas City Hall Council, National Apartment Association


We are demanding legislation to add protection for our essential workers who are being met with continued hostility, threats of harm, assaults and even murder.  Reading the news is not enough, and NOW is the time to stand up.  Sign the petition and share it with your friends! I am also taking your questions on why this legislation is so important. COVID-19 has changed our world and daily lives in so many ways.  Whether it's going to the grocery store, visiting a family member, riding the bus, or simply stopping for coffee, everything we do has been altered.   As industry professionals and essential employees, we are tasked with policing our own communities, businesses, bars and restaurants. When residents/guests/customers verbally threaten, let alone physically assault us, we are placed on "paid admin leave," while those guilty of the crime are protected by Management/Business Leaders to avoid tarnishing their image and optics, all in the name of the bottom line. What do we do to protect ourselves when we are instructed by Management, Ownership and the State to perform and enforce rules? What do we do when we call police and they fail to enforce the law or render aid to us?  What do we do when we follow all the rules and regulations set forth by our government and business owners, only to contract COVID-19 ourselves and be out of work for weeks? Our economy and your paycheck relies on essential workers. When we are sick, we have no income. When we are sick, we shut our businesses. When we are sick, we are left in the dark or subjected to horrible treatment from our company leaders. Sadly, I know first hand the difficulties Essential Workers are facing in the workplace.  While enforcing our Governor's orders, I was assaulted at my place of business by residents and their guests who violated social distancing guidelines to prevent the spread of COVID-19.  I need your support now more than ever to push for systematic change. What happened to me can easily happen to anyone in our industry if we do not push for change from within. If you are an essential employee, now is your time to stand up and demand reform and protection. COVID-19 is not going away any time soon and violence is increasing against those who are tasked with keeping the economy open, providing goods and services all while being expected to enforce our failed governments motions to provide safety and limit the spread of this virus. Per feedback I have received in the community and from our essential workers, enclosed is a general list of items that the majority are asking for.  Remember, if you want to keep the economy open, you need essential workers to be healthy and taken care of.   1. $25,000 one time payment or applied against student loan debt (We know Congress won't remove our student debt)2. Guaranteed health insurance, even if you are part time, that is affordable and realistic based on a sliding scale on what can be afforded per individual. Or Medicare/Medicaid benefits for all essentials.3. Guaranteed up to 3 weeks pay if we contract COVID-19 while on the job.4. Rapid testing. No more waiting for weeks for results which continue to impact us financially.5. Federal protection from violence we continue to face for enforcing social distancing guidelines from failed Government efforts.  6. Automatic felony assault charges on those who injure us. No more slap on the wrists or misdemeanor charges.7. Police and governing officials WILL stand behind us and enforce policies. No more turning their back on us.8. 100% student debt forgiveness for ALL 1st Responders. This should not even be a discussion or debate. Without our 1st Responders, many more lives would be lost than have already senselessly be brought to an end all too soon. 9. $15 minimum "liveable wage" for all workers.   Join Essential Workers Unite in Dallas Texas Saturday, September 19th as we demand legislation for pay, protection and safety from our elected officials and business leaders. I appreciate everyone's support.  Please share my story to make others aware of the resistance we are facing today, tomorrow and beyond.   Chris   

Chris Hyzy
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Petition to Governor Carney

Reopen the State of Delaware

The state of Delaware continues to be stuck on Step 2 of the reopening process.  Our Covid 19 percentage is under the national average. Only thirty-five patients are hospitalized with it. We have had 15,765 positive cases with 592 deaths of which 362 where in long term care facilities. 230 people not living in LT care facilities divided by total positive means we have a 0.0145892801% death rate. We have our whole state shutdown for a death percentage smaller than the top ten causes of death.  The State of Delaware is remaining shut down due to the election. At least $80,000,000 has been paid out in unemployment. The state cannot afford their percentage of the Covid19 relief unemployment benefits needed by the ExecutiveOrder, as stated by you. The fiscally responsible response and wanted response is to Reopen Up Delaware!! Let Delawareans go back to work. Full time paychecks are needed. We do not wish to stay unemployed. Our Covid19 numbers prove that it is medically safe to return to work. We are following hand washing, social distancing and mask wearing.  The DIAA is reconsidering their veiw on canceling and closing off the normality, the neex for social interaction and the mental health if the students. We ask that you consider the emotional, social and financial impact that you are causing Delaware families. If you trust the schools to take care of students, why can't you trust your employers to work. Let us go back to work. Let Delaware prosper, Your registered voters

Kimberley Wills
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Petition to Westlake Ace Hardware

Westlake Ace Hardware employees deserve hazard pay during this pandemic

This is a petition to request hazard pay for employees for months past and for the future of our employment with this company until it is deemed safe for life to return back to normal.Employees have been facing the risk of Covid-19 since March of this year. We believe the fairest compensation is hazard pay in a time where Covid-19 cases are exponentially growing in the United States. Just about any other essential business is providing employees with hazard pay. This company still has not provided hazard pay all the while sharing that this is their best quarter in the history of being in business. Although the company offers two weeks paid off with a Covid-19 diagnosis, the virus is still new and lasting effects are still quite unknown. People who become infected may be out of work for months on end. Our families depend on us and on top of that our community depends on us. With the amount of customers we come in contact with on a daily basis, we are all at risk. An extra $2 an hour will help to support and ensure the safety and well being of employees and their families whether the virus effects us or those that we put at risk when we go home.  This goes deeper than keeping us in good spirits. This is about supporting those that support the company. Please support this cause we are hoping this will bring a possitive change to our work environment. The world is in a scary place right now and we need to know that Ace the helpful place is willing to help US.

Tatiana Cwiklinski
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