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Allow Texas State Students to Choose to Attend Virtually

Texas State University needs to give students the ability to pick their method of learning during the pandemic. Many classes have that option automatically, but once students are attending upper level classes it becomes a rare opportunity. Students are having to attend classes at 50% capacity which means only one seat empty between everyone. This is inherently against CDC recommendations, it does not allow for a minimum of 6 feet. There are no dividers in between seats. There is no requirement for students to clean their seating areas before and after classes. The doors are labeled entrance and exit, but this is not enforced. Doors to enter school buildings are not sanitized or held open. Elevator buttons are not cleaned between presses. Students crowd before entering classrooms and while leaving. Despite recommendations to exit row by row, every student stands and tries to go towards the aisles at the same time. Despite signs showing proper masks and how to wear them, students are not reminded to fix their masks when they fall below their noses. Students are not reprimanded when they pull their masks down to unlock their phones or drink water while in the classroom. Every class has the capability to stream on zoom. Texas State only allows students who have severe conditions to attend online, but also those who are pregnant and of an older age. This is discriminatory to students with mental health conditions who require a higher level of support to succeed in the same ways as other students. Mental health is not considered a condition that allows distance learning. Not only should students with any condition that their doctor recommends they attend virtually be allowed to, but any student who can justify their belief that virtual attendance would benefit them. Students feel unsafe. Students fear for their health and wellbeing. Students work in situations that make them risk their lives such as health care, child care or public service. The pandemic has not gone away. Cases are higher now than last semester. Many other major universities realize these struggles their students face and work with them to provide safe alternatives. Texas State simply "recommends teachers move to online teaching for the first 2 weeks" and many professors can't even provide that. Texas State University, both San Marcos and Round Rock campuses need to do better and listen to their students in regards to their safety. Give us a choice. 

Krista Drysdale
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