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Petition to Veto or repeal HB3653

Save our Police officers and the rule of law. Illinois

The congress of Illinois passed this overnight quietly and the governor said he will sign it. Police officers I’ve talked to personally not relatives,  have expressed extreme fear and discomfort with this bill. For good reason it makes no sense and makes our state extremely dangerous. The same officers said they would leave the job when this is enacted HB 3653  takes away all the tools the police need to keep us safe and gives unbelievable rights to criminals. this is the text  • Creation of a new state law right of action against law enforcement for alleged civil rights violations that is more generous than the federal Section 1983 provisions (it includes a provision for attorney’s fees, eliminates state law and federal immunities and resets the statute of limitations) • Allows unrestricted and ungoverned disciplinary policies of law enforcement officers. • Removes law enforcement officer’s rights to collective bargaining for over 50,000 law enforcement officers in the State. • Allows for officers to be disciplined or fired based on anonymous and unsubstantiated complaints with no sworn affidavits and these complaints could be kept forever in their files. • Defunds municipalities by removing funding sources and interrupting as much as 40% of the total Local Government Distributive Fund (LGDF) monies. • Prohibits departments from purchasing reduced-priced militaristic equipment from federal surplus, used to protect officers in emergency situations. • Increases initial and ongoing education and training requirements, with no money to pay for the costs and no assurances the courses will be offered. • Mandates body cams with no money to cover the costs (equipment, data storage, etc) and punishes non-compliance by withholding LGDF. • Defunds any department that does not comply 100% with these requirements. • Removes suspension of a driver’s license for ongoing traffic violations. • Enacts multiple benefits for felons including access to victim’s compensation. • Prohibits use of force and makes officers criminally liable for using any type of force. These include significant changes to Use of Force, including Total Ban on Chokeholds or action above the shoulders under ANY circumstances. • Removes prohibitions against obstructing police officers. • Significantly limits use of no-knock warrants. • Eliminates felony murder. • Creates one-hour access to 3 phone calls for detainees with no latitude for emergencies, which often isn’t practical in one hour, and allows outside contact by detainees prior to potential arrest of co-defendants/co-suspects who are still at large. • Eliminates cash bail, allowing criminal suspects back on the streets immediately … mandates release.

Bert Travis
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