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Petition to Episode Interactive

Remove Gem Choices From Community Stories

Attention episode community readers/authors  It has come to everyone’s attention recently that Episode is making community authors put gems choices in their stories which have never included them before. They are making them do this in order for their stories to have better rankings which is very unfair for both the reads who aren’t able to afford the gems and the authors who don’t like putting gems in their stories. This is a problem for many readers and authors because most readers aren’t able to afford these gems which make them very unmotivated to continue reading the authors stories which results in authors loosing many readers. The worlds current situation makes people unable to afford gems right now and most readers an under the age of 18 and they don’t have access to a credit card for them to use. Many of their guardians also won’t allow them to make these purchases either. In order for episode to give use a least an answer for these sudden changes we need to speak up and have a voice and by signing this petition it will help us to hopefully be able to get episodes attention and hopefully get an answer from them or a positive change from them. The change that we are mostly looking for is for episode to not force authors to include gems in their community stories or that the number of gems the authors get won’t affect their ranking scores and their possibilities to be on trending. We as a community can do this and have a voice together. So help us get the answers we want by signing this petition if you agree.

Eppiysode 123
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Petition to Southwest Airlines, American Airlines, Delta Airlines, United Airlines, CDC

Raise Age on Mask Requirements and Allow Medical Exemption for Children on Airlines

It is no secret we are in the middle of a pandemic and masks are a required worldwide.  This has effected travel across the world and although airlines have accommodated to keep their customers traveling,  they are doing a disservice to families and children with special needs.  I have one child with a medical condition where masks actually hinder his airways, making it almost impossible for us to travel on any airline at the moment.  I believe children with medical conditions should receive exemption from wearing a mask.  Especially during the duration of the flight.  I have friends who have autistic children or children with sensory issues and masks are a BIG trigger for them.  Most can travel in peace, but add something covering their face for 2-4 hours and it creates panic and elimination of travel for many families. It is discrimination against those individuals to require them to wear a mask or not travel at all.  This is a condition they cannot help and it should not be used against them in a delicate time. Lastly, the age requirement starting at age 2 is very difficult for many children. We have seen videos of parents trying to force their child to wear one only to be thrown off the plane because their 2 year old cannot comply.  As a mother, I know it's hard enough to keep shoes on a 2 year old, let alone a mask for hours.  The age requirement should be raised.  Two years is too young and it eliminates travel for many families. Nobody is arguing that we shouldn't wear masks but the requirements that have been put on children is unfair and needs to change.  I am asking that the airlines reconsider and take into account ALL children and what's best for ALL their travelers.  I am asking that the CDC also consider this petition and hear our plea to accommodate special needs children and kids in general.

Noelle Kilgore
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