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Petition to Montgomery County School Board, CMCSS

Change the Racist Mascot of Montgomery Central Schools

Montgomery Central Elementary, Middle, and High schools need to change their racist mascot. They are the "Indians," and their logo is a red and white feather.  Mascots like this are dehumanizing and reductive to the Indigenous community, and many schools have changed theirs because of this. Montgomery Central Elementary, Middle, and High schools have changed theirs from a person's head to the red and white feather, but the racism clearly remains. There are numerous studies that prove that these types of mascots contribute to a toxic learning environment and decreased mental health for indigenous people and students worldwide. No one should ever have a person as their mascot, but racial ones are even worse.  The stereotypes perpetuated by these mascots centralize aggressive traits and contribute to uneducated generalizations about the Native community. This leads to higher rates of violence and discrimination against them. In addition, the stereotypes these mascots are built around were created by non-Natives, and they were never rooted in accuracy. These stereotypes were anti-indigenous propaganda used by colonizers to justify their violence and imperialism, and continuing the use of them today just perpetuates the generational trauma of that community.  This is a petition to change the mascot of Montgomery Central Elementary, Middle, and High schools in Cunningham, Tennessee. There is more information about this on our student group's social justice page on Instagram @youth.equality.alliance 

Savannah Spencer
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Petition to Williamson County Commissioners, Williamson County Judge

Remove the Confederate Monument from the “Most Beautiful Town Square in Texas”

June 7, 2020 Dear Williamson County Commissioners, I respectfully request a removal of the Confederate Civil War monument from the Williamson County Courthouse grounds located in the "Most Beautiful Town Square in Texas". Like the signs for ‘white’ or ‘colored’ restrooms or drinking fountains, the monument erected during the Jim Crow era of racism against African Americans, is considered to be intimidating and disrespectful to the Black community. For this reason alone, the monument simply must be removed if the town square truly is a place where everyone is equally welcome. In the same way the UT Austin students cried out to Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. for help with their integration efforts in the 60's, the peaceful protesters, mothers, fathers, children, brothers and sisters all over the world are crying out for justice to people like you today. I do believe in honoring the veterans as the United Daughters of the Confederacy did by erecting the monument in 1916. I am a granddaughter of a wounded veteran, and my uncle was killed in the WWII at age 19 in Hiroshima, Japan, not too far from where those twelve American POWs died. I was taught to honor all people even when the nations fight against nations. I was taught to learn from history and work toward world peace. The monument can be moved to a new location where ALL Civil War veterans are honored and the visitors can learn from the history. We must not forget that Emancipation Proclamation was not delivered to Texas until almost two and half years after President Lincoln signed it. We must not forget that many Confederate Soldier statues were erected to intimidate African Americans that continued to suffer brutality after they were set free and they still do today. We must not forget that Dr. King visited the UT campus to fight for justice alongside the students because many businesses were refusing to end segregation. We must not forget that Texans were taught that slavery was a side issue of the Civil War until 2019-2020 school year. And most of all, we must not forget that injustice is done to black people still today, every day, even in our community. I hope that the history of the “Most Beautiful Town Square in Texas” will soon include the removal of the Confederate monument. I hope that the great people of the Williamson County believe it is never too late to do the right thing even though it has been over 150 years since President Lincoln issued the proclamation declaring “…all persons…shall be free.” Kindest regards, Ayaka Kubo

Ayaka Kubo
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